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Infected Preview

Scheduled release date:
Fall 2005

With the release of the PSP drawing closer and closer, companies are finally making their games public. Majesco has just revealed Infected, which is an action-shooter being developed by Planet Moon Studios, and is currently scheduled for a Fall 2005 release.

Infected's story begins during Christmas time in New York City, and a strange virus has appeared, turning normal people into insane, violent Infected (stop me if you've heard that one before). Rookie Officer Stevens is one of the first victims of the Infected, but unlike others, Stevens is immune and doesn't lose control. It's then discovered that Stevens' immune blood can be used to destroy the otherwise unkillable Infected. Doctors create a special "viral gun" that fills shells with blood from Stevens' arm and blasts them straight into the Infected, causing them to explode.

The game takes place from a third person perspective and its primary focus is carnage, lots and lots of carnage. Infected promises lots of gore as the Infected will splatter blood everywhere when killed, and combos will spill even more blood on the city streets.

You won't just be limited to a basic gun, as Stevens will be able to duel-wield any of the game's wide range of weapons. You'll also be able to call in air strikes, and even light fires that will ignite chains of the Infected.

Infected features wireless multiplayer combat, which includes deathmatch and team deathmatch, and even allows you to create and join clans. Players create their own character or avatar, and those who are victorious in combat can "infect" the loser's PSP system with their avatar and gain ranking points. Avatars can be defeated through a variety of methods, as well as passed along from player to player thus creating a viral chain letter of attack.

While it's still a long ways off, Infected shows lots of promise. The fact that it will include a robust multi-player mode in addition to its story mode is a welcome sign that developers aren't ignoring the PSP's WiFi capabilities.

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