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Sony Forced To Stop Selling PSP

Beginning April 1st, Sony will no longer be able to sell the PSP, due to the numerous amounts of defects found in the system. A federal court handed down the ruling yesterday, citing “hundreds of complaints from unhappy consumers.” While the Sony legal team, lead by Jackie Chiles, had no comment, they are filing an appeal, and are obviously unhappy with the judgment.

Unlike the current situation with the PS2 and the Dualshock controller, Sony will not be able to sell the PSP until it has demonstrated that significant defects like dead pixels, dust under the screen, horrible battery life, long load times and far too many ports are corrected. This process generally takes six months, so it’s possible that we’ll see the PSP on the market again in time for Christmas.

Consumer advocate Ralph Nader called the ruling “a fair and just one against a Sony corporation that clearly needs a kick in the pants.” Even Nintendo released a statement saying “While our systems don’t have many games, we are proud that we manufacture them to meet high quality standards.”

We’ll obviously have more on this story as it becomes available, and don’t forget to check back for all your April Fool’s needs.

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