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Project Interceptor Revealed For PSP

Kuju Entertainment, a U.K.-based developer has announced Project Interceptor, its first game for Sony's PSP. The game will be a multiplayer arcade flight combat title, and it will also use the PSP's wireless capability to allow several players to take each other on in dogfights.

"We're extremely pleased that Sony has given us the support to proceed with 'Project Interceptor'. Developing the prototype has been an enjoyable and instructive experience and we're looking forward to exploring the PSP's potential." Jonathan Newth, Managing Director of Kuju commented. "Now we'll certainly be talking to publishers who are keen to have early PSP titles."

FYI–Kuju Entertainment is best known for developing the TOCA series of racing games, and is also currently working for Nintendo to develop Advance Wars: Under Fire for the GameCube.

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