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Namco Makes Ace Combat for PSP Official

Last week we let you know that Famitsu was reporting that Ace Combat was coming to the PSP . We then followed that up with a boatload of screenshots from the game. Well, Namco has finally decided to
make things official, announcing that Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception (Working
Title) is indeed in the works for the PSP. No exact release date has been given,
but the game is currently scheduled for a Fall release.

“Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception will take full advantage of what the PSP
system has to offer with brilliant graphics, intense high-flying portable game
play, and for the first time, wireless Multiplayer functionality, all lending
itself to a thrilling aerial combat experience, anytime, anywhere,” Yoshi Niki,
Namco Bandai Product Group Director said. “We are thrilled to bring to the fans
the level of excellence the series is known for on such a high quality portable

Ace Combat X features an all-new storyline set in a new universe apart from
the Ace Combat series on the PlayStation 2. The player will take on the role of
an ace pilot trying to liberate their home country of Aurelia from its neighbor,
Leasath. A country filled with secretive motives veiled behind long-internal
conflicts, Leasath, has invaded and taken over Aurelia. Defending the invaded
country, the player’s mission will take them to the battle-filled skies in order
to take down the enemy and restore freedom and peace to their homeland.

The game will support wireless multiplayer gameplay via PSP's Ad-Hoc feature.
Licensed aircraft such as the F-14D and Tornado F3 will be included, and you'll
be able to tune your jets with parts unlocked in the game's campaign mode.

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