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Activision Announces Gun Showdown for PSP

The trend of developers porting PS2 games to the PSP is showing little signs
of slowing down. Activision has revealed that Gun Showdown is currently being
developed by Rebellion Studios and Neversoft Entertainment. Gun, which many
called "GTA in the old west" was generally well-received, but wasn't a huge
money maker for Activision.

The game follows the adventures of Colton White, a "vengeful gunslinger
making his way through the untamed West of the late-1800s" and will feature all
of the action contained in the console versions, as well as all-new side
missions, quick-play modes, multiplayer modes and other as of yet unspecified
gameplay features

No release date was given, but we did get a few screenshots of the game that
you can view

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