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Syphon Filter For PSP In March

Sony has sent word that Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror will be released on the PSP this upcoming March.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror will have the series' typical single-player experience, but this time it will have an online multiplayer component as well. There will be nine unique online maps and four types of gameplay modes with up to 8 players via Infrastructure and 6 players with the use of Ad Hoc. Game types offered to the player will include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Rogue Agent and an all-new Objective mode.

Gabe will have a variety of tools at his disposal, including: melee attacks, target lock, precision aiming, target and vision enhancements, enhanced artificial intelligence (AI), and high-tech weaponry. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror allows gamers to choose between difficulty modes that monitor and adjust skill level.

We'll have more on Dark Mirror in the next few days, so check back for more info.

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