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PSP and Other Handhelds

There are countless pictures of the PSP and Nintendo DS together, but what
about the PSP and the Atari Lynx? Wonderswan Color? I haven't seen any
yet, and to fill that terrible void, I rounded up all my systems (except the
original Gameboy, which I couldn't find) and got them all together for a class

While I had them out, I figured I'd turn on a few of the backlit units and
compare the brightness and picture quality.

It was no surprise that the PSP blew the others away with both its brightness
and picture quality, but I was really disappointed with the showing of the Game
Gear. How is Sega supposed to compete this generation when its system has a
low-res screen with a poor viewing angle? I just don't see it happening.

For more pictures of all the handheld systems, simply head
over here.

There are still more updates on the way today, as I'll have impressions of Ridge Racers
and Hot Shots Golf, and posting answers to your questions about the system. If
you'd want to discuss the PSP further, or you have a question, post it here in our forums .

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