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Pinball Hall of Fame PSP Bound

Pinball Hall of Fame, the slightly underwhelming compilation of pinball
machines that was released for the PS2 last year, is coming to the PSP, courtesy
of Crave Games. The game's collection of 11 of Gottlieb's greatest tables
includes Aces High, Central Park, Big Shot, Genie, Black Hole, and Victory, plus
three tables new tables, which weren't included in the PS2 version. One neat
feature that has been announced is that the game will support two player "game
sharing" via wireless connection with one disc.

"Pinball is such an integral part of American pop culture," says Mark Burke,
senior vice president of product planning and business development for Crave
Entertainment. "There are so many fans of the classic Gottlieb tables and this
compilation offers the convenience of playing them anytime, anywhere."

Scheduled for release in November 22, 2005, Pinball Hall of Fame will be
available for the PSP system with a MSRP of $29.99. To read our review of the
PS2 version of this game, please click here.

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