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Gamespy to Power PSP Online Features

IGN's GameSpy, which supplies multiplayer technology used in more than 300 PC
and PlayStation 2 games, has joined Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s tools and
middleware license program, making its in-game technology available for PSPgame

"New online elements in console and PC games like Battlefield 2 are
increasing hours of game play and attracting more players," said Mark Stieglitz,
Vice President and General Manager of IGN Entertainment's Publisher Services.
"Now we are able to help add functions such as persistence and team play to the
online game titles for PSP."

GameSpy can allow PSP games to take advantage of the interconnectivity provided
by WiFi hotspots, like you'd find in the home, coffee shop, or office. Other
features, such as leader boards, awards systems that reward skills and frequent
play as well as team-based competition and tournaments can also be implemented
with ease.

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