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PSP 2.0 Firmware Released In Japan

The long awaited PSP version 2.0 firmware update is now available for
Japanese PSP owners. The update includes a number of new features, including an
internet browser, more UMD video functionality, 4:3 video format for memory
stick video, AAC music compatibility, additional image format support, and the
ability to customize the PSP's wallpaper. The browser, while limited by the
PSP's lack of a keyboard reportedly functions very well and it even allows
tabbed browsing. Our man in Japan, Lance Kwok, dropped us an email with his
early impressions of the update:

" Hello PSX Extreme! I am typing this email with the PSP and the new web
browser. I first had to adjust many settings to have it function properly, but
as you can see it is working fine now. I am enjoying very much my new wallpaper,
which is from Final Fantasy XII. I must go now because typing makes my fingers
tired with no keyboard!"

Although the 16 meg download is only available through the
PSP's Japanese site,
it is possible to update a North American PSP by
downloading the update and saving it on a memory card. There have been no
problems reported from people doing this, but if you're wary, you might just
want to wait until it's out here in the US.

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