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Tecmo Unveils Tokobot

Tecmo has announced that a new action/adventure title, Tokobot, is being developed for the PSP. The current plans are for the game to hit store shelves nationwide in November 2005.

“We are very excited about our first PSP game. Its addictive and unique ‘Team Combo’ gameplay coupled with the quirky and cool styling of the Tokobots will make for a great gaming experience for all ages,” Andrea Frechette, Tecmo’s Marketing Manager, said.

The first PSP game to be developed by Tecmo, Tokobot puts gamers in the role of the young hero “Bolt”, who has discovered some friendly, highly advanced robots called “Tokobots” during his explorations of ancient ruins. With the help of the Tokobots, Bolt will reveal mysteries and save the world from a horrible plot, as the Tokobots help him to avoid obstacles, traps and enemies, by working together to create “team combos”.

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