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Man At Arms Forges And Tests Out A Real-Life Keyblade

Bet you've always wanted to know just how effective Sora's weapon would be in reality.

That's what Man at Arms wanted to find out, which is why the Oathkeeper Keyblade is on display in the group's latest video. Check it out below.

The team first makes the weapon and then uses it to slice up a watermelon and a container of water (which appropriately contained the Ursula villain from "The Little Mermaid"). The last few minutes are especially worth watching for Kingdom Hearts aficionados. The Keyblade is one of the more iconic weapons in gaming today, as protagonist Sora has wielded it – or a version of it – in every KH installment over the years. It looks sweet in real life, doesn't it?

By the way, don't be surprised to hear about a new entry called Kingdom Hearts 2.9 . Is it another compilation…?

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