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Two Decades Of PlayStation: Your Most Memorable Moments

Personally, I can't believe it has been 20 years since the original PlayStation debuted.

Looking back, the years have been filled with countless memories, many of which have yet to be equaled in my eyes. What are some of your favorite moments? Here are a few of mine:

Playing Twisted Metal 2 until the cows came home

I was late to the TM series; TM2 was the first game I played (I got to the original a little later and was quite disappointed). TM2 was just one of those games that I played constantly ; solo and with a friend. Going through on co-op was a definite challenge and something I really relished. I usually stuck with Warthog but I'd also experiment with Outlaw 2, Thumper and Shadow. Never understood the appeal of vehicles like Grasshopper and Mr. Slam, but Twister was kinda invigorating now and then. And yes, I still remember the codes. 😉

The PS2 launch

For those who weren't around, or who weren't into PlayStation at the time, they may not understand the ridiculousness surrounding this launch. I've seen many system launches in my time but I'm not sure any has even come close to rivaling the PS2 in terms of sheer anticipation and overall hype. I mean, after the explosive success that was the original PlayStation, and everyone questioning if Nintendo and Sega could withstand the Sony blitz, the industry was on the edge of its seat. When the PS2 finally came out, I think people would've been disappointed if it didn't make them a sandwich, tuck them into bed, and fly them to Mars the next day.

Creepy doggies in Resident Evil

Yep, they scared the hell out of me, just the way they scared the crap out of most people. It was just out of the blue and consistent with the entire freaky experience. I remember watching the scene (already knowing what was going to happen) with a friend, and he actually dropped the controller. Don't forget that up until this point, our experiences with anything scary in the game world were mostly limited to sprites.

Final Fantasy VII, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy Tactics

These need no introduction or explanation. They will forever be three of my favorite games of all time, and I wouldn't be able to count the number of hours I put into each. The glory days…

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9 years ago

PSone: Christmas of 1998 I got NBA Live 99, NHL 99 and Madden 99 then my sister hand me another gift it felt like a double CD and when I open it was Resident Evil Director's cut bundle Resident Evil 2 demo.

PS2: Playing Fatal Frame with my then girlfriend and I let out a Pewdiepie scream when a ghost crawled out of nowhere and attack me while she was laughing her head off at me. Beating Resident Evil 4 and realizing I died more times in that game than past Resident Evil games combined.

PS3: I played through all 3 Uncharted games and being amazed at the exclusives that rolled around 2007. Pitching my first no-hitter in MLB 13 the show.

PS4: Got it early October and loved InFamous: Second Son and getting my PS4 collection off the ground faster than the past 3 system.

9 years ago

The thing I remember most about the Playstation as a whole was in 2008 when the entire world seemed against the PS3 and no one wanted it. Then came 2009, and suddenly they came through and turned heads to the PS3. I think looking back at the history of the Playstation that's what I will remember most. The fact that even with a year headstart, cheaper pricetag, and more 3rd party support, Sony still managed to beat MS with the PS3 and overtook the 360 and though not by much, it was still a victory. That to me, is completely amazing and something worth remembering.

For the PS1 it was the first time I heard the intro song playing. It really did sound like something straight out of the future. After was hearing FF9's theme music and diving straight into a game that made me who I am today by teaching morals like "you don't need a reason to help people" That really stuck with me. And than Resident Evil. Scared me, terrified me soon after. Those 2 were my favorite games for a very long time.

PS2 was nothing but the coop. From Gauntlet Dark Legacy to the fighting games to taking turns on RE4 professional mode per death, and of course, playing some RPGs. The PS2 was all about relaxing and gaming with some friends on a boring day.

PS3 came out around the time my focus went from friends to girls. So naturally I played video games rarely. Like maybe 1-3 hours a week. And up until last year I have to say, its given me some of the best gaming times. Playing coop on RE5 and having a blast. Messing around in Saints row 2 and doing all the crazy insane nonsense. Becoming a hardcore gamer because of Demons Souls. PS3 also introduced me into the life of the internet where as before, I had no interest and never used it. I've met some cool people over the internet and never thought it was possible.

And with the PS4 I… Who knows, in a year or two I might have kids and it'll be the stress relief-machine. Maybe it'll have a long enough life-cycle for my kids first gaming to be on it. Its so early to say what I want to experience with the PS4 but all I know is that with Sony, the games will always feel like games are made for the gamers and not for the profit.

Also, seriously go download the anniversary theme on the psn. Its the greatest thing ever hearing that sweet PS1 sound when booting up the PS4.

9 years ago

Where the heck is this anniversary theme I can't find it on the store?

9 years ago

i remember playing twisted metal for the first time at a friends house and after that i immediately became a sony fanboy. i was a die hard n64 fan and kept saying disc based games suck bc they scratch and break easily, blah blah blah, after TM i was in a diff world. it happened to be right when my brother moved back home after college and he had his psx with a bunch of games, the only one i remember was resident evil bc it "scared" me at the time, i never wanted to play it so id watch him. so my friend let me borrow TM so i can show my brother and he became hooked right after. soon after GT came out, then MGS, we played those games endlessly. my friend always had the badass games i wanted, he introduced me to ff7, i just thought what the hell is this game, it looks so confusing and long until i got my own copy and realized wow. what a game. everything else is history. my brother and i played almost every and any game we could get our hands on for psx until the ps2 was released and so on. now we live in diff countries and he is one console behind 🙁

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9 years ago

For the PS1 it was watching Lavitz getting killed by Lloyd in legend of dragoon. I wanted revenge so badly. Then it was fighting the delilas family in Legend of Legaia and then beating Songi. And of course Final Fantasy 7 and 8. I also absolutely LOVED Mega Man Legends. To me that game still holds the test of time.

The PS2 was all Kingdom Hearts and FFX for me. I put over 100 hours easily for both part KH 1 and 2. Then I got hooked on FFX and spent most of my time playing blitz ball. I probably more hours into that than I did the actual story. If I wasn't playing KH then I was playing Dynasty Warriors 4, And the old WWE Games with my bros and our multitap. Or I was playing the bot zone in killzone with my brother too. Other great games I really got into were Shaolin Monks, The DBZ Budokai, God of War 1&2, GTA San Andreas, The Jak and Dexter Series, Xenosaga and much more. IMO the PS2 was the best console ever. They don't make games like they used to.

The PS3 came and I got hooked into Uncharted 1-3 with #2 being my favorite. Then there was Borderlands that I got really hooked into. The other games that really took my time were God of War 3, Tales of Xillia, Killzone 3, Demon's Souls, Both Infamous Games, Metal Gear Solid 4, and Both White Knight Chronicles. There were a lot of good games for the PS3 that I have on my shelf.

I have the ps4 but the only game I'm really into right now is Disney Infinity lol. I got bored of Destiny and haven't played Infamous or Killzone. But my brother is getting me Dragon Age for christmas so I'll have fun with that. I'm hoping the PS4 will produce a lot of great games.

And I do have the anniversary theme for the ps4 and it's too great.

Ben Dutka PSXE
Ben Dutka PSXE
9 years ago

Blitzball! I think I recruited half the Al Bhed team…Nimrook was the bestest goalie ever. 😉

9 years ago

Those Al Bhed bastards won't release Nimrook from his contract so I can't get him! Probably some trick to it I'm unaware of. I'm stuck with Jumal as goalie but he gets the job done though.

Last edited by Mog on 12/5/2014 8:30:22 AM

9 years ago

Ps1 that got me into gaming, before that I'm not into gaming because I don't have time for that, because i always into sports, Until I got injured and my late girlfriend give me her ps1 because I don't have thing to do, the first game that I play is Mgs, that game really impressed me, before that I don't know game also have a great storyline and great cinematic scene, and I became gamer after that. Ps2 still my favorite console of all time. I also learn english from game, although my english still bad…

9 years ago

I remember saving up with my little brother to buy a ps1. We played through the demo disc that came with it, for months, while we saved up for a game. I have always enjoyed playing video games, but Final Fantasy VII, the first ps1 game I bought, is what made me truly passionate about video games. Then Final Fantasy IX is what made me fall in love with the music from video games.

The ps2 was amazing. Me and my friends spent countless hours playing ATV Offroad Fury to see who could perform the biggest jumps. Final Fantasy X was the first game to really make me cry, and the Kingdom Hearts series were amazing.

With the Ps3 it was Uncharted 2 Among Thieves that blew me away. Such an amazing story, I had to get a copy of the Uncharted 1. Then The Last of Us truly was amazing. I know its not everyones favorite, and some say it is overhyped, but I loved it.

I am so excited to see what comes out on the Ps4. And like an earlier post stated, that Playstation anniversary theme for the Ps4 is awesome!!

9 years ago

PS1 – Spyro series got me hooked on the Playstation, Silent Hill scared the crap out of me and sent many shivers up my spine, Syphon Filter was fun (Splinter Cell I think stole some ideas from that game, and Crash Bandicoot which could be frustrating at times, but all fun too.

PS2 – Ratchet series which made me laugh and care for the characters, Jak & Daxter (the original) which was just plain fun to play, Silent 2&3 which brought the shivers and jumps back in to my life, God War which was just fun to play, Killzone which was a good fps game (not perfect) with the ability to play 1 of 4 characters throughout, and ICO and Shadow of the Colossus which were just … amazing.

PS3 – Uncharted series which definitely made me care about the characters and made me feel more a part of the game experience with the writing and voice acting, Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls for experience and storytelling and in some cases… choice, Resistance which was underrated, Last of Us to give me the BEST post-apocalyptic experience to date, inFamous for letting play with electrical power and then some, and Mirror's Edge although not an exclusive brought something new and fun (be it short).

Mind you there were a lot of great non-exclusive games to play on the later consoles, but the experience playing any of the games available on the Sony systems that were to my taste was well worth it.

I still do not have the PS4 and I am still waiting to see what the game are like for 2015, particularly "The Order" is what I am waiting for.

Fun fun!

Keep playing!

9 years ago

Twisted Metal 2.

The PS2 getting Internet connectivity and playing ATV Off road Fury games online.

God of War.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune. Those are easily my most memorable with Oblivion being close on the list. It got me into open world games.

9 years ago

Playing this 'Tactical Espionage Action' genre-defying game that I'd read about that supposedly used real SWAT behaviour and tactics for the AI.. It was in Japanese, couldn't understand a word of it, but I kept playing! From that moment I booted it up, seeing the cinematics, the polygons, the sound, the level of mature concepts and ideas twirling around in every button press and corner and crawl that the cool ninja-like superbly mysterious soldier character I was controlling on-screen kept showing me.. it was something new, something so captivating, something I've never actually expected for games to reach such a high level of production… and then after some dude in a jail cell sort of dies from a heart attack, the screen goes blank.. and I realize I had bought a demo.. a frickin demo of Metal Gear Solid.

Bought the full English game months later, played the game countless times.. countless… countless times…

9 years ago

Oh man… Metal Gear Solid completely blew me away! When I saw the cinematic sequence at the beginning where Snake gets into the elevator and changes out of his SCUBA gear, while the intro credits played… wow!

Solid Fantasy
Solid Fantasy
9 years ago

I'm so glad I decided to click on this one. It's almost 1 for 1 for me. Twisted Metal 2, and 1 and 3 also has so many good memories. From playing coop with my cousins in my grandmother's basement; then again with my neighbor when he got a PS1. FFVII, VII, Tenchu 1 and 2, Need 4 Speed, Crash 3.
And don't get me started on the PS2 launch! That hype coupled with Sons of Liberty! The thought still makes me shiver!

Here's to some of the best days of our lives!

9 years ago

PS1: Spending HOURS upon HOURS playing Toshinden at a friend's house. Also, had 10 friends come over and we turned off all the lights in the basement and everyone watched me play Resident Evil!

PS2: Metal Gear Solid! I remember finishing it and just sitting there watching the credits and basking in the awesomeness that had just transpired. I might have even teared up a little.
Also, spending many, many hours on Gran Turismo. I even did the endurance races!

PS3: Playing 8-person coop Resistance 2 with a bunch of my friends. (and many other awesome experiences… to many to mention)

slow and smart
slow and smart
9 years ago

Hm,i remember when i got my ps1,and then resident evil 1 oh man i was so happy,finally a scary good horror game, what a great game.
I can remember playing with a friend and knowing what would happen i gave him the controller,he walked past a zombie lying on the ground and then the zombie got his leg,man my friend didn't touch the ground for a moment.

Then Tomb raider 1,the atmosphere was soooo great:the sound of your footsteps in the snow,the howling wind,big tombs to explore:fantastic.

Ps3:fallout 3,the apocalyptic atmosphere and sooo much to explore ,bugs but stil the best game imo

There are so many ,but these 3 games had the most impact on me

Last edited by slow and smart on 12/5/2014 10:24:39 AM

9 years ago

Most Memorable Moments per PS iteration:

PSone – Playing Metal Gear Solid for the first time. It was so much more cinematic than anything that came before it. Also, the countless discussions on how good graphics were in games at that period (lol) and that it was improbable that graphics would get as good as the cutscenes in Final Fantasy although we wished it would.

PS2 – Getting angry with the twist in MGS2.

PS3 – After playing MGS4, FFXIII, Uncharted and then remembering my conversations with my friends, realizing that we have games now that are even better rendered than the cutscenes we used to go on and on about.

Humbling times.

9 years ago

The first time I played MGS 1 and the first time I played GTA: Vice City both had impacts on me. MGS because I enjoyed the stealth but also it was the first game that had storytelling that I really got into. And GTA: VC just because of the awesome 80s atmosphere and the go anywhere-do anything gameplay.

9 years ago

I have quite a few.. After getting a PS1 for Christmas in 1998, it came with the demo of Metal Gear Solid, Spyro the Dragon, Medievil. A few months though from the few times we went to Pizza Hut they were giving out PS1 demo discs and we happen to also have two of them to play with. At eight years old I would watch my sister try and fail at Tomb Raider III before trying myself. Looking at the trailer for Parasite Eve and thinking of how amazing and creepy it looked. Finally finishing both demos of Metal Gear Solid and wanting more (one ended after Snake crawled through the vent, and the other after the Darpa Chief's death).

I had to play it the 'hardcore' way for a while with no memory card to save. So I had to do a full gameplay or leave the console on overnight but with a paper over the green light so my step dad didn't feel inclined to turn it off while I was asleep anymore. I had to wait until either my Birthday or Christmas list before getting new games or memory cards. So I would look forward to coming along or hearing my mom say she was going to blockbuster or the movie/game store inside of the grocery store. I wasn't even 10 yet and I was already playing Teen and Mature games such as Dino Crisis (hesitantly in broad daylight because of the jump scares), Final Fantasy VIII, Metal Gear Solid, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil (Yes, those dogs jumping through the window), Tekken 2 and 3. I was still a kid though playing more kid-oriented games too such as Space Jam, Rayman, Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck and the Rugrats games.

When the PS2 came out, I didn't care for getting it. I was very happy with my PS1 in 2000 as another great game came out around that year (Final Fantasy IX). By seventh and eighth grade (2002-03) my friends would scoff at me still playing on the PS1. It had 'crappy' graphics and was "old" and therefore 'bad', but I didn't care until the lack of new games came out for it. My friends were generous though when I finally got my PS2 in Christmas of 2004. The first game I got with it was Metal Gear Solid 3. I could see how beautiful yet limited the graphics were for them and how great the story was. Despite owning the PS2 so close to the following generation, I had a friend who would lend me his games (Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Solid 2, Tekken, etc.) so I didn't end up with a backlog of PS2 games for very long. My favorite memory of PS2 though was when Killzone came out. It was not a Halo killer, but was so much fun playing online. It wasn't too difficult setting it up, since my slim PS2 already came with the ethernet port we just needed another memory card to hold the online data, and then calling AOL to set it up. I would play it after school for two years before a power surge ended up ruining the ethernet port of it, so that meant no more online gameplay until the PS3 unless I bought another PS2.

I bought my own PS3 in 2009 after saving from working my first job to pay for it and the games. Other than loving Assassin's Creed 1 and 2, I'll always remember Uncharted 2 online the best for PS3. Especially one event were it was a Team Deathmatch. Three of us had died and were watching from a camera angle on our last friend who was hiding on one of the roofs in the Highrise waiting on the other enemy. One of us tried to warn him saying "There's a guy with a shotgun, he's gonna get you" one second later a skeleton jumped from the left side of him off the screen and *BANG* shot him dead, leaving us all dying in laughter. Then in Uncharted 3 when we all decided to play as Marlowe but in different colored outfits and the other team tried to mock with calling us the "Golden Girls" until we kicked their butt… and watching in a mix of shock and laughter as I had Marlowe do the pump taunt as she said "Suck it losers".

Last edited by VampDeLeon on 12/5/2014 10:38:15 AM

9 years ago

I can easily write an essay on this but I'm on my phone. To keep it short,


Crash Bandicoot
Tomb Raider
Resident Evil
Metal Gear Solid
Demo Disc
Gran Turismo


Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec
Midnight Club
Tekken Tag Tournament
Final Fantasy 10
Demo Discs
Dragon Quest VIII


Wireless Controller
Home Screen
PSN id and online gaming
High Definition and GTHD/Motorstorm Visuals

Basically Ps1 and PS2, the games amazed me and created lots of defining moments. The ps3, more so than the games, I have to say I was in awe of the technical advancement. Early on, there wasn't much games that would create the defining moments from the PS2 and PS1 days which is understandable since many of them were first experiences.

9 years ago

The first time I played the original Spyro the Dragon demo disk at a friends house, first ever experience I had with a Playstation.

Then just like you Ben playing Twisted Metal 1,2, and 4 absolutely to death. Man I miss the days of getting friends together and just sitting on a couch playing games on a tiny screen.

9 years ago

yeah those were the days weren't they

9 years ago

well lets see

tony hawks proskater 2
crash trilogy
crash bash

crash wraith of cortex
burnout 3
nfs underground 1&2
lord of the rings 2&3
rachet and clank 1-3
rachet gladiator
jak and daxter trilogy
crash nitro kart
paris dakar ralley
jak x
lego starwars the video game
guitar hero world tour
sing star
spy vs spy
hot wheels stant track challenge
goldenEye rogue agent
midnight club 3
eyetoy antigrav

nfs shift 1&2
COD black ops 1&2
rachet crack in time
rachet tools of desctruction
tomb raider
motor storm trilogy
AC 1&3
modnation racers
LBP racing
rachet into the nexus
dirt show down
rachet all 4 one
GoW 3
burnout paradise
skate 3
rachet 1 HD
rachet 2 HD


AC 4 black flag
drive club

the ps3 and ps4 still have games to get and to be played so that list will be longer but well thats quite a list i ceratinly have not been deprived of games looking at that is a laundry list of games and that deosn't even count the portables and PC wow its been quite the 20 years hasn't it long maybe it continue =D

happy gaming

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