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Get Double The Reputation Points In GTAO This Weekend

If you're wondering what you should play this weekend, Rockstar has a suggestion.

The developer is hosting another special event in Grand Theft Auto Online : As of today, you can earn double Reputation Points (RP) when playing GTAO, and this will run until 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, August 3.

So, participate in all sorts of unwholesome behavior because you'll always get double the RP, no matter what you do. This will let you rank up faster and earn nifty weapons and customization options for your vehicles. Now, if you're planning to continue the fun on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC later this year, this is a great way to prep. On top of which, if you haven't yet grabbed the Independence Day content , this weekend will be your last chance.

The next-gen and PC versions still don't have a date, but they're expected to launch this fall.

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9 years ago

Double RP! Whoohoo!
I love how RockStar keeps giving us reasons to continue playing GTAO! All the free content, the events, the perks and bonuses…
My crew and I play almost every weekend and it never gets stale!

And if you haven't logged on to get the Independence Day pack yet, well, you should! They added a MONSTER TRUCK!

You should check out some of my races, just bookmark them from the Social Club website and they'll be available in game! (And yes. The Monster Truck is available in most of my races!)

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