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GTAO Patch Adds Custom Events Along With Bonus Tweaks

If you love Grand Theft Auto Online and you've got a creative streak, the latest game update is just for you.

As announced at Rockstar's official site , the Deathmatch & Race Creators Beta update is now available for the popular online component of Grand Theft Auto V .

This will let players create their own custom skirmishes for Deathmatch, Team Deatmatch, Race, Rally Race and the weaponized Race events. If you're not an expert on building such things, Rockstar is offering a tutorial that will kick in the first time you attempt an original creation within the new toolset. It sounds quite in-depth, too, because the developer "highly recommends" that you go through it step by step. After you've learned, you can go off on your own and build 'til your heart's content.

In addition to this new content, the update also features "a host of new fixes and updates" for both the story mode and multiplayer. This includes higher cash payouts in missions with tougher difficulty, along with an option to limit the weaponry in deathmatches. Lastly, don't forget that Rockstar has "big plans" for plenty of story-based DLC in 2014.

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10 years ago

I had put down GTA for while, maybe this will make me pick it back up.

10 years ago

not to mention, R* also removed "more" cars from online.
i'm not talking about cars you had to glitch to get into your
garage, but regular vehicles, i lost 3 cars because of 1.07.

btw, the higher cash pay outs only involve death matches, races etc.
"not" the missions you get from your contacts.

10 years ago

well thats nice for any of you that are interested

as for me i don't have gtaV and i'm not really interested in that anyways.

happy gaming =)

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