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Child Of Light Almost Didn’t Happen Due To BG&E Sales Flop

A great many critics and gamers loved Beyond Good & Evil . But unfortunately, that response wasn't enough to make it a financial success.

Perhaps that's a big reason why we haven't seen the long-awaited sequel yet. It also made Ubisoft think twice about greenlighting the nostalgic turn-based title, Child of Light .

In speaking to GamesIndustry International , Child of Light creative director Patrick Plourde said his bosses first mentioned the sales failure that was BG&E when he pitched his idea. He was a little surprised that even after ten years, that can haunt new projects:

"If the game is a missed opportunity, then it's going to be a missed opportunity for years. Even when I pitched Child of Light, they mentioned Beyond Good & Evil. They said 'Beyond Good & Evil was not a success, and we made that mistake once.' And it's like, yeah, but it's 10 years ago… If somebody tries something and fails, there are going to be repercussions for other people. For me it would be a shame if that happens. I don't think people are malevolent or evil about that. It's just if it fails, they're going to be careful greenlighting other projects like that."

Thankfully, Child of Light is being made, much to the delight of old-school fans everywhere. It probably won't sell exceedingly well, but I honestly hope it sells well enough to at least make Ubisoft a little money. That could lead to other projects from other developers that might honor a dying – yet still perfectly vialble, IMO – gameplay mechanic.

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10 years ago

That is really sad and actually quite pathetic for such a successful developer to hassle one of their best creators over a budget title that he wants to bring to the world because some much larger investment 10 years ago didn't line their pockets. Disgusts me on so many levels.

That's why I love to hear stories about developers that go to their bigwigs (usually at Sony) and say hey I've got this crazy idea and they say "Run with it and show us what you've got when you're ready". That's how magic is made.

Be glad you've squeezed millions of dollars from a half dozen Assassin's Creed games in a half dozen years and freakin let people try some new things now and then, Jesus.

10 years ago


10 years ago

I'll be very excited to give this a try, and anything else even loosely associated with Beyond Good & Evil. I'm glad to see some next-gen titles that are more concerned about polishing time-honored traditions, rather than blasting polygons at the screen.

I hope this has a disc release.

10 years ago

i have no problem with turn based mechs if they are done right and in the right game for instance a game that i have very much enjoyed "heros of might and magic 5" was a turn based strategy game great game so yea it's just the right type of game to have that kind of mech for it to work properly.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

yup, and this is pretty much why people hate publishers.
all they care about is their back pocket, to hell with pushing the industry forward and bringing new experiences.
tis also exactly why were seeing so many more big studios going indie self publishing, or even F2P.
cut off my left nut just so i can get away from these greedy controlling f*cks!

ubisoft are very fast catching up to EA, i wouldent be surprised if they end up winning the golden poo award next year.
god knows its about f*cking time!!!!!!

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