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JRPG Mugen Souls Z Heads West After Being Censored

NIS America has you covered in the kooky JRPG department.

Compile Heart, one of the teams behind the popular Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise will be offering their follow up effort to 2012's Mugen Souls in the form of Mugen Souls Z some time in 2014 for NA and EU according to Siliconera. It will be a PS3 exclusive.

Ben didn't quite latch onto the original but he can be forgiven because it is so extremely Japanese that the intended audience is quite small in North America and Europe. I enjoy the comedy (I'm playing it right now from time to time) and if Hyperdimension Neptunia 's triumphant progress from the dodgy first game to the accomplished Victory is any indicator we should see marked improvements technically.

The hook for the series is that it parodies anime moe culture, using it as a weapon. If you aren't sure what "moe" means then this RPG may not be for you. Basically you use various fetishy character types from sadist to bipolar to demure in order to hilariously manipulate and charm everything in the universe into becoming your peons, thereby taking over said universe.

This entry will focus on the goddess Sylma who will run headlong into former hero Chou-chou right after the events of the last game in order to do crazy things and be involved in mishaps while trying to save or possibly rule the universe.

Mugen Souls Z will be censored, which is not surprising because racy material surrounding animated girls ruffles Western feathers. So far we know that a bathing minigame and its accompanying artwork will not make the final cut.

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10 years ago

The only thing getting taken out is a bath tub mini game that has nothing do to with the story. You can find it on Youtube, but watch out.

I enjoyed the first game and am looking forward to the sequel.

10 years ago

That's a good sense of censorship, there is just no need for such nonsense in a JRPG like that. I don't understand how people can find such silly bobbly-headed, gooie-eyed dolls even remotely attractive. I just cannot take characters like this seriously, so when the game expects me to the narrative just collapses for me.

10 years ago

It's not about finding anime girls attractive or not.

If your going to buy a crazy JRPG like that, then you should have a right to play the wackiness that comes from Japan as the developers originally intended it to be played.

I'm against almost any form of censorship, unless the content being censored has gone to such an extreme where it is simply done in bad taste.

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