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Yeah, This Is Why I Don’t Go To Midnight Launches For Games

When I was younger, there were no such thing as midnight launches. Perhaps I would've gone then. But these days, I find myself shying away due to an…unknown quality I can't quite pinpoint.

The hot story making the Internet rounds involves a GameStop manager getting into a verbal altercation with a customer during the midnight launch of Grand Theft Auto V . The story can be found at Pixel Enemy and the video is below, if you must.

I don't really know what it is, but I find the whole thing very dark and unsettling. I know most gamers will immediately just say the manager was a bitch, and obviously, she kinda is. But really, that customer creeps me out a little, too. The whole thing just has this incredibly negative, hostile vibe to it, right? And you know, whenever I see instances of midnight launches in videos, or hear about the goings-on from friends who have gone, I get only further convinced that I want no part of it.

Some may call it passionate fans congregating to get something they've been waiting for, a piece of entertainment they really want. But if that's the case, why do we see so many overtones of animosity and hostility? What's the deal? Why aren't more people smiling? This is a hobby, last I checked, and we really shouldn't be taking it too seriously. But there's something about the attitude of both the manager and the customer that makes me very uncomfortable. Not that I expected violence from that, but what was brewing in the air wasn't good.

Why, why does this seem to happen so often at these midnight launches?