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PlayStation 3 News Coming March 15th? has been one of the media outlets at the forefront of
speculating on when Sony is planning on talking about, much less actually
launching the PlayStation 3, and now they're at it again. According to today's
article, Sony will be announcing details on the PlayStation 3 and likely plans
for a delayed launch. This information comes from unnamed sources, but SCEE did
confirm that a big announcement was forthcoming, but declined to discuss the
subject matter.

News of the press conference first broke when Kiyoshi Komatsu, head of Koei,
told a group of press that an event was being held on March 15th and there was a
chance of news coming out about the PS3. The article further speculates that the
timing of this press conference would allow Sony to build hype for the upcoming
Game Developer's Conference, and it would also avoid announcing big news at the
end of the company's fiscal year – a practice which is looked down upon by
Japanese companies.

As usual, this is little more than speculation at this point, and we'll keep
you posted on any news that does come out of the March 15th press event.

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