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Gran Turismo 6 Gameplay Footage, We Start To Drool

Gran Turismo 6 was just officially unveiled this week, but we already have some really slick gameplay footage courtesy of GTPlanet .

Check it out below. The author who went hands-on with Polyphony Digital's new title said "it will be hard to go back to Gran Turismo 5 after having experienced GT6." He said that in older GT titles, he noticed a certain "numbness or dullness" in the handling characteristics of the cars, but it gets better with each new installment.

Obviously, it's still very early and we'll probably get a lot of naysayers who aren't all that interested in "GT5.5." However, when's the last time Kazunori Yamauchi delivered anything that was half-assed? When has he given us something that even remotely resembled "mediocre?" For my part, although I may wait for the PS4 version (if there is one), I seriously doubt PS3 owners will be disappointed with Gran Turismo 6 .

That's just not Yamauchi's style.