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Long-Awaited XCOM Shooter Undergoing Major Changes?

It was first announced in 2010, and was last showed to the public at E3 2011. Then, amid multiple rumors concerning major project shifts, it essentially disappeared.

The XCOM first-person shooter, an apparent reboot of the classic franchise by 2K Marin, has been delayed multiple times. The latest issue (as spotted by Digital Trends ) is that the official site for the game in question has been taken offline. Furthermore, any official videos released to YouTube have been now marked as private.

It could be that the 1960s-themed shooter is being re-branded, as Take-Two Interactive has most recently said the game would still release between April 2013 and May 2014. The game might now be called "The Bureau," as evidenced by new registered domains, and some have claimed the title will emerge as a third-person shooter rather than a FPS. Either way, we're perfectly willing to wait; what we saw a few years back wasn't even remotely impressive, if I remember correctly.

If you want a great XCOM experience now, just pick up the award-winning XCOM: Enemy Unknown .

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11 years ago

Good riddance. If Take-Two wants to put out another mediocre shooter, by all means, call it something different so you don't sully the name of a classic franchise that never should have been turned into a shooter in the first place.

11 years ago

dam, i was really looking forward to this it looked quite interesting!
plus 2K marin are one of the best developers out there, after all they did create the masterful bioshock 2!
its amazing how many alien taking over the world games, but so few of them really capture the struggle and spirit so many movies really feed off!
i wish we could have a war of the worlds game, showing off the planting of the pods, the activation, the humans treading over each other in denial, the struggle to survive, and the inception of a idea to save the world.
shame, resistance could of really been that game.
sad insomniac never really have been the strongest pooch in the story and writing department…….

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