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Quantic Dream Fiddling With Multiplayer?

Putting "Quantic Dream" and "multiplayer" in the same sentence just doesn't seem right, does it?

This is a developer that has always focused entirely on an engrossing, dramatic, well-written single-player plot, but it seems they're now exploring some multiplayer possibilities.

According to Kotaku and Superannuation , the Beyond: Two Souls developer is currently looking for a lead online programmer with a "strong understanding" of the multiplayer world. The ideal candidate will have a "very deep and high knowledge" of online gaming and network development. Now, as nobody expects their upcoming project ( Beyond ) to boast multiplayer, this may be for one of the team's other titles. Remember, David Cage said he already has three games planned out, and he has mentioned he'd like to try an all-online adventure at some point.

Well, if there's one group that can do something really interesting with online multiplayer, it's Quantic Dream.

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11 years ago

Hmm maybe a they will find a way to garner my interest in MP, I can't imagine what QD would do though. Maybe something simple but transcendent like the MP in Journey.

11 years ago

oh GOD NO!
david, please, can we have one developer who does not taste of the forbidden fruit!?
just one!?
pretty please with sugar and ice cream on top?

11 years ago

I think it's fine for a developer to dabble in multiplayer if that developer is enthusiastic about it. For example, the director of Spec Ops: The Line didn't want multiplayer for his game but Take-Two forced it on him anyway.

Naughty Dog on the other hand was interested in creating a good, addicting multiplayer while also delivering a great single-player campaign and achieved that with Uncharted 2.

Besides, multiplayer doesn't always have to be "pew pew pew" mundane action. It could be something interesting and unique, like what another poster said: Journey. Or even Demon's Souls where other players seamlessly interact with others and can be switched off to play by yourself if desired.

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