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New Revengeance VR Missions: A Dwarf Gecko And A Wooden Sword

This past week, we learned that the PlayStation 3 version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance would be getting an extra 30 VR missions via DLC.

It'll be available for free between March 12 and April 3 and if you want to check 'em out beforehand, here's a sneak peek thanks to Siliconera .

Okay, so it's a little weird; the mission on display has players moving through a level as a Dwarf Gekko and it looks a little like an action/platformer. Raiden shows up to act as a sniper in another stage and then there's the level where you have to go melee with nothing but your fists. There's even a Hibi damashii (Snake Spirt), which is basically a wooden sword that will let you finish the game without actually killing cyborgs. Are you ready for a whole different set of challenges this week…?