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Revengeance Desperado Elite Trailer: Raiden Faces The Best

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance comes out next week (yep, next week) and if you're interested in seeing some of Raiden's toughest foes, check out the latest trailer.

It's called Desperado Elite and it shows off a few of Raiden's most challenging boss adversaries, including Monsoon, Sundowner, and Mistral. There are times when our hero gets the snot kicked out of him (and how he doesn't die after what Monsoon does to him, I don't know), and other times when he gains the upper hand.

The action is fast, fierce, and oh so pretty in a variety of ways. Developer Platinum Games definitely understands how to produce a game with mind-bending combat; Bayonetta proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt. And when you combine the fantastic design, artistry and narrative from Kojima Productions, one would hope the end result will be something very, very special… Look for Revengeance on store shelves on February 19.

Thanks, BikerSaint!