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Aliens: Colonial Marines Extended Cut Trailer Brings The Drama

Once again, those pesky aliens are freakin' everywhere.

So the exterminators need to get moving, and that's precisely what you see happening in this new Extended Cut trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines . Okay, so the humans aren't always winning but at least they're trying really hard.

Don't forget that Gearbox's latest effort hits store shelves next week on February 12, and if you're hopeful that they'll deliver a horrifying, entertaining FPS adventure, join the club. We've needed a great "Aliens" video game entry for a while now and for whatever reason(s), such efforts usually come up a little short. I still remember playing Alien vs. Predator on the Jaguar back in the day; it was definitely one of the freakiest things I had ever seen. …kinda want to feel that again. Maybe Colonial Marines will oblige me.