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Aliens: Colonial Marines Kick Ass Trailer Exudes Attitude

It's almost time to kick the sh** out of a lot of rampaging aliens. Don't be all jumpy and afraid; just get pumped up!

That's what the latest Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer is supposed to do. The new two-minute Kick Ass trailer has one of those ultra-aggressive, ultra-cliched military bosses barking cheesy orders…but that's obviously half the fun.

"Don't die unless I give you a direct order!" Okay, ha. Anyway, there's plenty of gameplay on display in this one, and we're all hoping developer Gearbox Software manages to give us a solid, entertaining Aliens adventure. We've had so few over the years, you know? The game is slated to hit the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on February 12, and it will receive a date for the Wii U "at a later time." For more on the upcoming title, visit the official website .

My only question is this- Which Gearbox do we get here? The Borderlands Gearbox or the Duke Nukem Forever Gearbox…?