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Aliens: Colonial Marines Story Trailer Makes A Strong Case

You know, there's one game that might get overlooked in February due to a plethora of potentially awesome titles.

Gearbox Software's Aliens: Colonial Marines seems plenty promising, and could actually end up being one of the best games of the first quarter.

Just check out this new – and very compelling – story trailer, in which the military crew must investigate a 17-week-old distress signal coming from the U.S.S. Sulaco. Unsurprisingly, alien beings may be running amok on board the ship in question. There's a lot to like in this video; the style and presentation appear to be top-notch, and we're hoping the action delivers on all fronts. It's just that February is jam packed so unless Aliens is admired by critics everywhere, it may get lost in the shuffle.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is set for February 12, so pay attention. You might want this one on your radar.

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11 years ago

im REALLY hoping this turns out awesome!
no, im on my hands and knees begging, please gearbox, please dont let this turn out like that other game you released that was stuck in development hell too!
development hell = poor game.
movie based game = poor game.
so all the signs are pointing to this sucking donkey balls, but come on its freaking aliens it cant suck!
we NEED something to hold on to, after all we lost Prometheus.
oh what a disappointment that was!

more is riding on this than just enjoyment.
if this turns out awesome it could revive both the series, AND the genre!
if this does well it will give developers confidence to do more survival horror games.
and it will revive the series, and maybe cameron will come back and do another aliens movie.
this NEEDS to rock!

11 years ago

meh i wouldnt call feb jan packed.. unless i missed something (which i may have) the only "big" gamei recall feb hiving is MG rising

11 years ago

Been waiting for so long. Any game related to Aliens I have to have. When I got AvP and my facehugger was broken I was heartbroken 🙁 though I did get sent a second to make up for it haha. And I know this is supposed to be primarily a marine vs alien game, but I really hope there might be short bits where I get to play as an Alien 🙁 That's all I really need. Haha

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