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Dark Souls II Not About Changing, But About Fixing

Yes, it's true. The new directors of the Dark Souls sequel want more accessibility. Overall, things will change.

But that doesn't mean the core of the original title will be summarily dismissed, and in its place fans will find an unrecognizable game designed for mainstream appeal. That would be an erroneous assumption. Or so producer Hidetaka Miyazaki said in a recent Famitsu interview (as cited by Polygon ):

"If we're going to announce this as a sequel to Dark Souls then I think there's certainly a core that we need to protect. I'm talking about how we think about the difficulty level and how you achieve things in-game; about the concepts behind the mechanics and level design."

He did add, however, that it's probably better to "leave things to the discretion of the director" and there's a lot around that solid core that the team needs to "fix or adjust." So essentially, it's more about tweaking and adding new layers of polish, rather than a fundamental alteration to the game's style or mechanics. So yeah, the fans probably shouldn't worry.

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11 years ago

The only thing that needs fixing is the Lagstabs.

Aka, Laggy-unfair backstabs, and whatever other exploits and glitches that exist that give other players unfair advantages. That and if they're to make Factions again, make them much more deep-rooted in benefits without them being overpowered or be as useless as the Dragon's Full body form. It looks awesome, yet is useless unlike just simply having the Head which can be fun and funny.

11 years ago

You can't blame fans for spazzing though, once we hear "change" gamers know that means "watered down" in most cases.

I wish more devs would protect the core of the game, instead of raping it.

11 years ago

Yeah, you speak the truth. The words change, streamlined, fixed, tweaked and heck in some cases even polished can be bad news for gamers.

Look at the direction Final Fantasy went. I think Square enix this generation has put a lot of fans of more hardcore traditional styled games in a state of paranoia.

11 years ago

I saw something about server based multiplayer, which has not been a feature in the past. I think that would be a wonderful step in the right direction.

11 years ago

If it is everything the other souls games were but more responsive, with better targeting and better control then I'm all for that change.

If they game is fundamentally easier then we have a problem.

11 years ago

its amazing how knee jerk the industry has become.
and everyone says im a pessimist…….
just because they say they want the game to be more accessible does not mean there going to change the game.
there doing exactly what they should of in the first place, make things allot less obscure and always introduce players to something before you ask them to deal with it.
one thing that really spoiled games these days, epic mickey 2 a perfect example.
so many times it puts you up against a new enemy or a puzzle without telling you anything about it.
its kinda unreasonable to expect someone to make a decision on something unless you have given them the information required to do so.
that is what there talking about, they want to introduce players to things before they drop them in the middle of the woods confused of WTFs going on!
thats a good thing!
people seriously need to calm the f*ck down, every time a developer opens their mouth everyone goes on a rage attack!

christ, im surprised devs have not got fed up with being misconstrued, and said you know what?
f*ck it, were not saying anything if this is how were going to be treated.
how many times has a developer said something, than the media twists it around just to gain hits and all of a sudden its gone out of control?
people seriously need to shut up and wait till the product comes out.
than once its out and it turned out how you expected, than b*tch and whine all you like!
but at least give the developers a bloody chance first!

11 years ago

The thing is, a lot of the fans like this trial and error approach to the game. It took problem solving to figure out how to best deal with certain rooms and areas and it added to the feeling of satisfaction. There was not one ounce of hand holding and it was kind of refreshing.

I said it before I don't mind if they spend the first hour of the game teaching the player some basic stuff, but I want that to be it. I'm not an idiot I don't need a fairy to shout at me every time I run into a new room or area saying that it might be useful to attack the enemies weak point which is on their back, or that after they do a power attack they will be vulnerable.

The reason fans are worried underscore is that streamlining and making things that are innately hardcore more accessible is usually a recipe for disaster for the fans of the series. Heck it might sell twice as many copies as the first two games combined, but if it is missing that essence of what made the first two games so rewarding then its just going to be like all the RPGs that were streamlined (MASS EFFECT1, final fantasy) and even games like the new DmC feel a little watered down to me.

It doesn't mean that they are back games or wouldn't be enjoyed by the hardcore fans, but there is still going to be a level up disappointment because these games were beacons of light in the gaming world for us. They were willing to be what no other game was, and that was brutally hard, immersive and insanely rewarding to conquer.

Last edited by xenris on 12/21/2012 10:07:21 AM

11 years ago

there taking it a bit extreme though, there not going to have a fairy screaming at you every time you enter a room.
theres a BIG difference between giving out the answers, and hinting to where they are.
epic mickey as i said before, its constantly putting you in new situations with no idea what to do.
it reminds me of skyward sword, one of my most favorite games of all time!
but it really bugged me because every time you entered a new area the game did not show you where you need to go like most games do.
darksiders for instance, every time you enter a area you get a cut scene showing you the way out.
how to get there is up to you.
skyward sword is the opposite though, and especially when you trigger part of the puzzle it did not show you what you just triggered.
like how most games if you spin a dial and it opens a door most games would show you which door you opened, instead of you running around saying is it this one, this one, this one?
giving the player a few hints and showing them what their ultimate objective is not too much to ask.

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