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DMC Home Truths Trailer: Rockin’ The Combo-Heavy Gameplay

Spoiler Alert: It's not like this trailer gives away too much, but for the crazy hardcore, it might reveal some story snippets they'd rather not know.

Just about every piece of footage we've seen of the upcoming Devil May Cry reboot has been appropriately impressive. The new Dante may be questionable in the eyes of many, but it's tough to find much fault with the gameplay that has been on display thus far.

For instance, take the recently-made-official "Home Truths" trailer, which shows off nearly five minutes of awesome in-game action. DMC appears to look and play much like previous iterations in the franchise, and pulling off insane combos should be an absolute blast . One can also sense that old-school, gothic atmosphere in this video, too. However, there are a few upgrades/alterations and Capcom has noted that this trailer exhibits a "bit more exploratory than some of the more action-focused locales we've been showing off."

Well, whatever. It's cool .