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Bioshock Infinite’s Boys Of Silence: A Nightmarish Design

Irrational Games boss Ken Levine said he wanted more enemy designs in Bioshock Infinite , because he felt the past entries kept reusing too many of the same enemy types.

So his team is pulling out all the stops. You've probably already seen the freakish machine gun-toting George Washingtons, but you haven't yet laid eyes on the Boys of Silence.

It's the latest of the game's "heavy hitters" and in a new video, we get a glimpse of the threatening, wildly creepy foe. Levine says it's rare he looks at a new design and says, "we have to do that" but apparently, it happened for this particular opponent. We have to admit; the design is absolutely bonkers and one that's bound to inspire a few bad dreams. Check it out.