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Shark Tale Preview

Scheduled release date:
Fall 2004

A game from Activision that nobody knew much about, but one that ended up being pretty popular at E3 was the upcoming Shark Tale. Which is a game based on the upcoming DreamWorks film, featuring the voices of Jack Black, Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, and more. The movie, which looks similar to Finding Nemo has given the development team a lot of good characters and great locations, which means it should be quite a bit better than the usual movie to game fare.

The basic story follows a fish named Oscar, who is known to the public as a shark slayer, though in reality he does nothing of the sort. The game features many different styles of gameplay, the two most popular being one where you flee towards the screen from a very angry shark by pushing the directional arrows at the right time to dodge, and the other being a dancing game.

That's right, there is a healthy bit of dancing in the Shark Tale game, and it supports the DDR pad to boot. The moves aren't terribly complex, but everyone seemed to enjoy the change of pace, and the music was also enticing. The song that was available to play at the show was "Can't Touch This" from MC Hammer, and the developers promise a wide variety of both old and new school songs for your dancing pleasure.

Sounds like a wacky game? The constant lines to dance as a fish dancing to Hammer, and the smooth underwater graphics and cool character say that you'll be sneaking this one away from your younger siblings this fall.

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