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At What Cost Guitar Hero?

Activision purchased Guitar Hero publisher Red Octane, back in May, but
nobody is quite sure just what the acquisition cost. Until now. According to GameDaily the final tab won't be known for awhile, but the number could be
anywhere from 100-150 million dollars.

Activision isn't talking, but their latest filing with the SEC (Securities
and Exchange Commission) shows that they shelled out  $99.9 million, 30.9
million of that in cash, and 69 million in stock. Should Guitar Hero blow up at
retail, the cost could go higher due to performance related incentives in the

That's a ton of cash to shell out for a company that's known for one game, but
there's no doubt that Guitar Hero is one of the hottest franchises out there, so
only time will tell if Activision paid too much.

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