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Latest Japanese Software Numbers

The folks over at Media Create have released the latest sales data for Japan
for the week ending July 23rd. But really, what's the point? I should have
written one article the last month and a half and pasted it over and over. New
Super Mario Bros. has sold almost 2.5 million copies and shows no signs of
slowing down, Brain Training is still kicking butt, and Animal Crossing is still
going strong. At least the PSP joins the list this week, something which happens
very rarely. Man, there's not much to get excited about this week.

Rank/System/Publisher/Game/Weekly Sales
1. DS (Nintendo) New Super Mario Brothers – 145,095
2. DS (Nintendo) Shaberu! Oryouri Nabi – 126,530
3. DS (Nintendo) More Brain Training – 72,327
4. PS2 (Bandai) Battle Stadium DON – 49,085
5. DS (Nintendo) Brain Training – 44,499
6. PS2 (Konami) Powerful Pro Baseball 13 – 44,242
7. PSP (SCE) Bleach Heat The Soul 3 – 35,476
8. GC (Bandai) Battle Stadium DON – 35,399
9. DS (Nintendo) Animal Crossing: Wild World – 35,121
10. DS (Nintendo) English Training DS – 28,905

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