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Latest Japanese Sales Numbers

Media Create has released the latest sales data in Japan for the week ending
July 16th, so we can all ogle how hot the DS is. The summer of 2006 might have
to be called "The summer the Nintendo DS ruled." Things are a little different
this week, however, as the PS2 takes the top spot with the 13th iteration of the
Powerful Pro Baseball series. The PSP hasn't had a strong summer, but things
have been looking up as of late with a few PSP titles making an appearance here
and there. This week's PSP title is the highly-anticipated Loco Roco, perhaps
due to the downloadable demo Sony released a few months ago.

See Sony, people like downloading demos.

Rank/Game/System/Total Sales
1 Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 13 (PS2) 151,906
2 New Super Mario Bros. (DS) 2,256,870
3 Persona 3 (PS2) 116,682
4 Million Monkeys (PS2) 57,255
5 More Brain Age (DS) 2,752,211
6 Project Hacker (DS) 37,165
7 Loco Roco (PSP) 31,848
8 Brain Age (DS) 2,539,922
9 Naruto (DS) 26,518
10 Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS) 2,937,042

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