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Ace Combat Zero In Stores Now

Namco Bandai has sent word that Ace Combat Zero" The Belkan War for the
PlayStation 2 is on store shelves today. A prequel to Ace Combat 5: The Unsung
War, Ace Combat Zero takes players 15 years into the past into the turbulent
events that led to the Belkan War. Players assume the role of a mercenary pilot
hired to fly for Ustio, a small country invaded by its militaristic neighbor

“Ace Combat Zero’s elite new features such as the innovative Ace style gauge
system where the game changes based on the player’s style, and its increased
wingman command, all help to meld Ace Combat Zero into the best yet in the
series,” said Yoshi Niki, Namco Bandai's Business Unit Director. “We are
thrilled to have this superior action title hit stores today.”

Ace Combat Zero features include:

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