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Xenosaga III Announced

Namco has revealed the the final chapter of the Xenosage series, Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra will be released this Fall. Good news for PlayStation 2 owners – it will be a console exclusive.

“We are very excited to bring this conclusion of the Xenosaga series to the fans who have been anxiously waiting to see how this epic adventure will conclude”. Yoshi Niki, Namco BandaiProduct Group Director said.

The story of Xenosaga III starts a year after Xenosaga II ended. Shion has resigned from Vector Industries after learning that the company is deeply connected to the appearance of the Gnosis. She instead joins Scientia, an underground organization working to unveil Vector’s secrets in order to bring them down.

Xenosaga III’s final chapter will also have over 3 hours of movies, an updated battle system, and an improved customization feature with more in-depth character specialization and diversification and higher rewards for strategic party management.

No screenshots were released, but you can bet we'll bring them to you as soon as they are.

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