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2006 FIFA World Cup Announced

We all knew it was coming out, but EA today made it official, announcing that 2006 FIFA World Cup is in development. The game is being released on every system known to man: PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, GCN, DS, GBA, PC, and even cell phones. The real World Cup doesn't start until June, but the game is due out this April.

“Our game, 2006 FIFA World Cup celebrates this passion by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, enabling fans to play their heroes and be a part of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany,” said Joe Nickolls, lead producer of the game.

If you already bought FIFA 06, you might be wondering why you'd want to pick up another FIFA title so soon. EA gives a few reasons, including 127 national teams, 12 official stadiums that will be used at 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany and stadiums from each qualifying region. EA has emulated close to 100 of the world’s superstars, capturing their playing styles and individual likenesses.

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