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50 Cent IS for Kids?

While many might take 50 Cent: Bulletproof's "M" rating for blood, gore and
sexual themes as an indication that the game shouldn't be played by minors, 50
Cent has a slightly different take on the matter. In an interview with
Reuters, the rapper explained "Just because it is rated mature doesn't mean you
shouldn't buy it for your kids. Play the game and explain to them what they are

50 went on to say "I think everyone knows that a game is a game. There's the
part where you actually press start on the controller — after that you are
playing a game. If we have to take away video games, then we have to think about
other things, and then we have no entertainment because we might influence
somebody who's crazy."

Seriously, what is he saying here? Basically he's says that you should
monitor what your kids play, and if there are "adult themes" it's best that you
be there to explain to your child what is going on, and why this shouldn't be
done in the real world. I guess you've got to applaud Fitty for taking a stand
on the whole "videogames and violence" issue, even if it he doesn't do the best
job of explaining it and does suggest you purchase his game for your kids.

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