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Fantastic Four Game In Stores Now

On the off chance that you missed one of the hundreds of spots for the Fantastic Four over the last couple of weeks, Activision has sent word that yes, there is a game based on the movie, and yes, it's in stores now. The team-based action adventure game lets players take on the role of Marvel Super Heroes, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman, Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and Ben Grimm/The Thing and their powers to overcome the evil Doctor Doom.

“Fantastic 4 lets gamers relive the action and excitement of one of the summer’s most anticipated films, from the plot to the locations to the actors,” said Kathy Vrabeck, president, Activision Publishing. “Players also experience more than the film in a completely original storyline that expands the Super Heroes’ universe through exclusive game missions and environments.”

The game is available for the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC and GBA. The PC and console versions are rated "T" for Teen, and the GBA game is rated “E-10+” (Everyone 10 and older – with animated violence).

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