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Star Wars Battlefront II Unveiled

LucasArts revealed Star Wars Battlefront II at Star Wars Celebration III today in Indianapolis. Set for a Fall 2005 release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, Star Wars Battlefront II will have an all-new single-player experience, and will even include action from the upcoming Revenge of the Sith movie.

"For Star Wars Battlefront, we joined forces with our colleagues at Lucasfilm to launch the game day-and-date with the Classic trilogy on DVD. Star Wars Battlefront II's campaign will be even bigger, including promotions with major national partners, as well as unprecedented in-store support." said John Geoghegan, Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales, LucasArts.

Star Wars Battlefront II will feature mission-based objectives inspired from all six Star Wars films, and will have more than 12 new locations, many from Episode III, including volcanic Mustafar and the space battle above Coruscant. You'll also get to battle within the interior of the Death Star and visit Princess Leia's blockade runner, the Tantive IV, as seen at the beginning of Episode IV A New Hope. In addition, at certain key moments within the battles, players can feel the Force as a Jedi.

Another new feature is that players can engage in space combat and, during the same battle, board enemy ships to attack from within. Starting on foot inside a capital ship, players can enter the spacecraft of their choice and travel into space to dogfight with the rival faction. From there, they can dock within the enemy's capital ship, overtake the ship's command posts, man its turrets to disable its shields and destroy it from within. Or, they can simply stay inside their own capital ship and defend it from attacks and enemy fire.

The number people that can play online has been increased across the board, and will allow up to 24 on PS2, 32 on Xbox, and 64 on Windows to play at once.

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