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Rise of the Kasai In Stores Now

Rise of the Kasai has shipped to stores and is available exclusively for the PlayStation 2, according to a press release from SCEA. The sequel to The Mark of Kri offers a single-player cooperative fighting system and a story that spans different time periods told through new playable characters and watercolor painted in-game movies.

"We have leveraged our individual experiences in animation and game development to make Rise of the Kasai an engrossing and dynamic experience," said Jonathan Beard, president of BottleRocket Entertainment Inc. "Players can expect a visually stunning and innovative combat game that produces golden gaming moments — moments where both you and the computer work together to inflict satisfying carnage or times when your AI buddy reigns down arrows on your assailants at just the right moment."

Rau, the noble warrior from the Mark of Kri returns with his marked sister, Tati, who is now a 20-year-old rebel returning the favor of her brother's protection by fighting the denizens alongside him in order to preserve the family's future. A new duo of playable characters, Baumusu, Rau's trainer, and Griz, the eldest and most revered of the known living Rakus, is also available to the player.

Throughout the 10 levels, players will gather key plot details through the bird, Kuzo, who also serves as Rau's spirit guide, as well as through newly designed watercolor style paintings and animated in-game movies.

Rise of the Kasai will carry a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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