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Scaler In Stores for $20

Global Star Software announced today that Scaler for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox is now available in stores throughout North America. Their is a GameCube version in development, due out in November. The game will retail for $19.99 on all platforms.

Scaler puts gamers in the shoes of Bobby Jenkins, a 12-year-old who
stumbles upon his evil next door neighbor's plot to use a mutant lizard
army to destroy the world. Caught, Bobby is zapped by a bizarre bolt of
energy and transformed into his shape-shifting alter-ego Scaler. With no
way to call for back up, Scaler has to defeat all of his enemies or risk
spending the rest of his life in reptile exile. Yep, you read that right.

"Scaler is first and foremost a great platform-action game," said Remi
Racine, CEO and Executive Producer, Artificial Mind and Movement. "At a
time when games of this nature are skewing towards an older, more mature
audience, we're pleased to produce a title that's safe and fun for the
whole family."

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