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Two Shining Force Titles For PS2

A few days ago, Sega updated the

with a teaser image. The image featured the logo of the previously announced Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon for Game Boy Advance, as well as two other logos, Shining Tears and Shining Force. At the time, the platform of the titles was unknown.

Today, Famitsu Weekly revealed that Shining Tears is an action-RPG for PlayStation 2. Furthermore, it appears that the other title, Shining Force, a completely original strategy-RPG set in the Shining Force universe, is also headed to PlayStation 2.

Shining Tears is set for a Japanese release this winter, while Shining Force looks to make it out in Japan sometime next year. No other details are known at this time, though the teaser promises more information on April 30th.

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