Square Ships Front Mission 4

Square Enix today announced the latest entry in the mech-based Front Mission franchise, Front Mission 4, shipped to stores today. The first next-generation Front Mission title was heavily promoted via the distribution of demo discs to those that registered over

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Price Down, Sales Up For PlayStation 2

Sony today announced that the recent PlayStation 2 price drop has resulted in a surge of sales, more than doubling the last month's numbers. To be specific, the first week of the drop saw a 216% increase in sales, with

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A Budget Price for ESPN NFL2K5

Two days ago, both GameStop and EBGames began listing the latest entry in the ESPN NFL series, ESPN NFL 2K5, as $19.99. Statements were issued, claiming both retailers "erroneously posted a price." Notice that sentence indicates not that the retailers

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Capcom Reveals 2004 Schedule

Capcom has issued their tenative shipping schedule for the remainder of the year, including the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 3 and the quirky Under the Skin. The schedule reads: June 2004 July 2004 August/September 2004 September 2004 Fall 2004

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Take Two Distributing Future Sega ESPN Titles

Sega and Take-Two Interactive today announced they have signed an agreement, under which all of Sega's ESPN titles will be co-published and exclusively distributed by Take-Two Interactive. "We believe this exclusive relationship with SEGA is a great opportunity for Take-Two,"

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PSP Awarded Best of Show

today revealed their awards for the past E3, with the Sony PSP receiving the coveted Best of Show award, as well as Best Peripheral/Hardware. "There are, to be fair, unanswered questions about the PSP — not the least of which

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