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Eidos Announces Backyard Wrestling 2

Earlier this week, Eidos officially announced Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood. The sequel to last year's backyard wrestling rom, planned upgrades include larger stages, a new multi-position grappling system, a revised location-specific damage system, and standing and ground-based submissions.

Developer Paradox also promises online play, allowing you to prove yourself in virtual backyards worldwide. Support for the USB headset will provide gamers with the chance to talk trash while beating their opponents senseless. "The inclusion of online play will finally allow gamers to deliver pain to opponents from around the world," said Kevin Gill of Eidos. "With its completely re-designed and expanded create-a-wrestler system, an impressive new grappling system, more diverse move-set, solid hardcore soundtrack, and online play, BYW2 offers the complete wrestling package."

We'll have more on Backyard Wrestling 2 when it's presented at E3 next month.

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