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Eyetoy: Groove Boogies Into Stores

After the success of EyeToy last year, Sony shipped its latest EyeToy title, EyeToy: Groove, to stores today. "We are pleased to announce the second title in the EyeToy family so soon after the highly successful EyeToy: Play launch," said Ami Blaire, director of product marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment of America.

EyeToy: Groove features rhythm-based gameplay in which players must move their arms corresponding to on-screen indicators and music. While this may sound simple, performing well in the game takes a good amount of skill, not to mention physical dexterity. With 28 songs and multiple modes of play, EyeToy: Groove is sure to keep you moving around for some time. Early reviews have compared it to Sega's Samba de Amigo, which is considered by many to be the most entertaining and accessible music game to date. Lofty praise indeed, and we here at PSX Extreme are anxious to see how it matches up to Samba.

Rated "E" for Everyone, EyeToy: Groove is available by itself for $29.99 or bundled with the EyeToy Camera for $49.99.

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