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Loadout Review

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Edge of Reality
Edge of Reality
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December 16, 2014

Loadout proves there’s a fine between raucous hilarity and cringe-worthy gore. Embedded in a cartoon-y exterior is a violent, frantic melee that results in decapitations and copious amounts of scattered blood. It’s definitely a form of wild, no-holds-barred slapstick that, despite its kiddie, colorful presentation, might prove offensive to some gamers. On the other hand, if you’ve got no issue whatsoever with crazy violence and you’re more likely to laugh at a bouncing set of eyeballs (I admit, I did), then Edge of Reality’s highly customizable action extravaganza might be for you.

Special effects take center-stage in this wacky graphical presentation where brains can pop out of skulls and skin can disappear in the blink of an eye. It’s a strange blend of sick imagery and these airy, almost cheery visuals. It isn’t quite as sharp as I would’ve liked but then again, for a free-to-play game that puts a heavy emphasis on replayability and customization, I think it looks decent on PlayStation 4. The level design isn’t especially interesting, though, and I found the entire experience – despite the off-the-wall gore – to be somewhat empty. I dunno; I tend to get bored when the product focuses so strongly on ceaseless gameplay and effects.

I feel similarly about the sound; some of it is gut-wrenchingly hilarious while other effects tend to fall flat. It’s a relatively uneven technical presentation overall, which I suppose I should expect from lower-budget F2P titles. Even so, the soundtrack is effective and fitting, and it helps to drive the action forward at a relentless clip. Occasionally, the combination of the effects and the music results in an extremely visceral experience that will almost make you wince with its intensity. Other times, it’s just a happy-go-lucky romp through a blood-soaked battlefield…if that makes any sense whatsoever. In other words, it’s not a graphical or audio tour de force but usually, it works.

Loadout originally launched back in January 2014 for the PC. This third-person shooter is all about creating ridiculous weapons that can destroy your opponents with nasty stuff like fire and lightning. The interesting part is that the PS4 version changes things up a little, as how weapon parts are distributed has changed significantly. It’s not a drastic alteration – the gameplay remains the same, for the most part – but it does change how we approach our customization process, to some extent. As for that customization, that takes center-stage throughout the experience. Use your imagination and craft a weapon that’s a physical impossibility and a legitimate terror!

Sometimes, the crafting process is pretty straightforward; other times, it can be somewhat complex. It depends on the parts you have at your disposal and the type of weapon you wish to produce. For instance, you can start from scratch with only a gun chassis or you can simply toss an accessory onto an existing weapon. Then, when you factor in the different ammo types, you start to realize just how many radically different guns you can create in only a short span of time. And you don’t always have to go nuts with the firepower, either; a quieter approach can sometimes work wonders and a silencer isn’t a bad idea. Of course, the game is all about being loud and proud, which you’ll soon discover.