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Worms Battlegrounds Review

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Team 17
Team 17
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June 3, 2014

If you don’t know Worms , you don’t know games. Okay, that’s probably not the most accurate statement I’ve ever made, but this franchise has attained legendary status in my mind. I still remember seeing it for the first time on a friend’s computer way back in the day. At first, as I was in the midst of my RPG craze, I was unimpressed. But as I continued to watch, I quickly began to appreciate the blend of surprisingly deep strategy and cutesy, quirky humor. It got to me. Now, nearly twenty years later, another entry arrives.

Worms Battlegrounds , a console version of the PC exclusive Warms Clan Wars , doesn’t look bad on the PlayStation 4. Believe it or not, games in this franchise do require some hardware power, because there are plenty of dynamic, ceaseless effects in the environment. The PS4 has no trouble handling the task here but unfortunately, the visual presentation isn’t diverse enough to be compelling. There are only five themes and that’s unforgivable for a new entry in the next-gen era of gaming. Sure, there are randomly generated stages but they’re all comprised of those five themes, and that’s disappointing.

The sound is better, thanks to the comical relief afforded by the wide variety of wacky weaponry. The worms utter those same odd squeals and grunts they always have, which adds to the nostalgia and overall charm. The soundtrack is appropriately goofy and it doesn’t intrude on the gameplay, which is good, because an overly insistent score has no place in a strategy game. I’m trying to think , damnit. Here, the music is a nice little addition to the experience, and that’s all we need. Again, nothing too special here, but the audio remains a cheerful highlight.

The game consists of a campaign mode along with robust multiplayer action, where up to four people can throw down in local or online competition. The developers throw in some Worm-Ops single-player missions as well. For the most part, being a lover of great solo experience in the world of games, I was satisfied with the single-player offering in Battlegrounds . I mean, I wish it had been longer, but I knew going in that the game would put an emphasis on multiplayer. Despite my allegiance to solo entertainment, I have to admit, Worms is at its best when played with others.

I suppose my biggest problem with the campaign is that it feels a little bland. It doesn’t feel anywhere near as fleshed-out as the multiplayer but again, I sort of expected this. On the flip side, despite the relatively unimpressive solo levels, I did enjoy the off-the-wall humor, which seemed to be amped up in this new iteration. There’s a whimsical, kooky aura that permeates this franchise with smile-inducing content, and I’m a big fan of that. I should also mention that some of the puzzles you encounter in the story mode are very well designed and appropriately challenging.