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XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion Headline PS Plus Games for June

So another month is upon us as well as a handful of free games from Playstation Plus. XCOM 2 is most likely leading the pack for most but there might be a few gems in the list depending on who you ask. It’s a diverse set of games this time around. Check out the whole list below.





It’s the “hardcore” turn-based strategy game everyone was talking about a couple years ago. The game is challenging and includes permadeath. You can even set custom name your characters which can give the a bit of personal depth. And sorrow.


Trials Fusion

Tackle leaderboards in this social focused motorcycle racing/stunt game. Creative tracks and excellent control of your bike make for a pretty fun experience. There is also a track editor included which should give you plenty to do.



Zombie Driver HD

You have a city full of zombies and your deadly car to blow them away with. It’s a top down racing/combat game that has you making a bloody mess out of a ton of zombies through the streets. You’ll be able to equip your car with all kinds of weapons to wreak gory havoc on the hoard.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

If becoming an elite soldier with the most up to date technology and weaponry is your fancy, Future Soldier might be right up your alley. Ghost Recon is one of Ubisoft’s big guns (no pun intended) and like others in the series, Future Soldier is a different and interesting take on the shooter genre.



Atomic Ninjas

It’s a multiplayer action platforming game with ninjas. You’ll be able to unlock new ninjas, gadgets, weapons, etc. as you play. Although I’m not sure how the multiplayer focused aspect is going to work for a game of this age.



An exclusive for the Vita, Squares is a puzzle game that will also stretch those reflex muscles. There are a lot of levels to get through and a level editor as well.

What do you think of the selection of games for next month? Is there any that you are excited for? Any that you you’re dissapointed with?

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5 years ago

It’ll be nice to finally get to play an XCom game, i’ve always wanted to get one but would always end up picking something else up.

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