PSN Messages Giltch

Reddit users are warning PS4 owners to change their messaging settings to private.

Multiple threads on r/PS4 have noted that a glitch is occurring in the messaging system that can completely break your console. Most people (myself included) don’t care who sends them messages. I don’t have many friends, after all, but now it’s something to really think about when you see a notification about a new message.

As said by Huntstark, a user who ran into this issue, they were playing Rainbow Six: Siege when a player on the opposing team reportedly used a dummy account to send a console-breaking message. Every team member on Huntstark’s side except for one was affected by the malicious message. This, however, wasn’t the only Reddit user reporting the problem.

This glitch could also affect how long competitive games will be played by users who have neglected to change their privacy settings. With Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 having just released, this problem should be important to fix on PlayStation’s side. No one is going to want to get on the bad side of anyone, so why would they play against someone who could be a sore loser and exploit this malicious tactic?

Warning to all PS gamers: change your PSN messaging settings or be ready to possibly buy a new console.

UPDATE: Sony is aware of the issue and while being a bit slow about it are planning on fixing the issue with a new update. In the meantime there is a fix if you or anyone you know has been affected that does not include factory resetting your console. Check out the tweet below. 

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